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This online public search system (“System”) is set up and maintained by the Intellectual Property Department (“IPD”). All information and documents that are accessible through the System are contained in the register of patents/designs/trade marks or have been published by the Registrar of Patents/Designs/Trade Marks pursuant to the Patents Ordinance (Cap. 514), Registered Designs Ordinance (Cap. 522), Trade Marks Ordinance (Cap. 559) and the subsidiary legislation of these Ordinances. They are made available to the public through the System solely for the purposes set out in the Personal Information Collection Statement of IPD.

Regarding the personal data that is made available to the public through the System, the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Cap. 486 (“PDPO”) applies to the use of such data, including any subsequent disclosure or transfer of such data by any data user.

Please note that by clicking the “Accept” button below for accessing any information or document through the System, you confirm that you have read and understood the aforesaid paragraphs, and that you:

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  • b) understand that any person who uses such personal data for any other purpose or otherwise in contravention of the requirements under the PDPO is liable to pay compensation and may be subject to enforcement action under the PDPO.


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